Inspiring Your Best
We have had the privilege and opportunity to coach hundreds of professionals including C-level executives, operational Vice Presidents, technology leaders and business unit Managers from various industries.

There is something almost magical that happens in coaching. Maybe it is because we are a third-party with no agenda (other than to help you be the best you can be) or maybe it is because, as some have said, Vicki has a special gift. Whatever the reason, as coach, we are the ear that listens to understand without judging, the provider of a different perspective, or the brainstorming partner that helps drive strategies.

We offer insight and awareness, and encourage new ways of thinking and paradigm shifts. Our approach to coaching is completely individualized and tailored by the coachee. Session topics might focus on:

•    Leadership Effectiveness
•    Managing Perceptions
•    Communication
•    Personal Branding
•    Team Development
•    Coaching Employees/Employee Engagement
•    Time Management
•    Career Strategies
•    Business Strategies
•    Personal/Professional Balance

Ms. Grove’s work as Coach has resulted in amazing transformations and win-win outcomes…

“I have had a few occasions to work with Vicki and each was an incredibly positive and valuable experience. Her passion and professionalism in providing coaching and guidance have helped me grow both personally and professionally. Her experience and insight help define specific goals and a straightforward roadmap towards achieving them. I truly felt her commitment and genuine interest in my success.”

Michael Hosek, Financial Transformation Executive

“I feel that through our many calls, Vicki and I developed a wonderful relationship where we engaged very constructive and in-depth discussions which not only enabled me, but motivated me to look at my interaction and approach with people from a different perspective. I took advantage of this to evaluate and assess my management/leadership style to help understand and prioritize what is truly important as a leader. I do feel that with the continued coaching discussions, I was able to maintain focus and reinforce our coaching objective…learning to be an effective leader.”

Regional Customer Support Manager, Semiconductor/Technology Company

“I met Vicki through coaching sessions associated with in-house corporate training for Program Managers. As a relatively inexperienced Program Manager, I had reached a point in my career where I was unsure of what to do next. My productivity had leveled off and I was struggling with ideas to increase not only my productivity, but also the productivity of the people that worked with and for me to better serve our customers. Vicki very quickly identified what I was looking to do and helped me develop a “Way Forward;” incorporating philosophies and tools that I will use for the rest of my career. Most importantly, Vicki helped me reestablish the confidence in myself to break through lingering barriers, overcoming communication issues, increasing efficiency and productivity and building better teams.”

Program Manager, Space/Technology Company

“Vicki has a good sense of people.  She quickly isolated the few elements which I was struggling with, and that in fact I had difficulty finding on my own, however once pointed out, I recognized them.  She has a graceful way of delivering critiques that many of my past appraisers either missed or lacked the ability to communicate.  She also doesn’t pull punches, and I respect this and find it mandatory to making any real progress in personal or professional growth.”

Project Manager, Technology Company

“The coaching I received from Vicki Grove was invaluable.  I learned about myself and gained the self confidence I needed to promote my strengths, my skills, my style, and my values to future employers.  Thanks to Vicki I was offered and have taken a new position with a company, in the perfect location of the country for my wife and I to live.”

Chief Operating Officer

“Working with Vicki has truly been a life changing experience for me. Vicki has helped to open my eyes and understand how my behaviors and reactions affect perceptions around me. I have read tons of management books, been to endless seminars and educational events and have never had anything “click” in the way it has with Vicki’s guidance. She has the ability to zoom in and understand exactly what I am trying to explain in my sometimes-jumbled thought process. Vicki has helped make me a better listener, a better leader and a better coach to my own team with real practices I can put into place immediately. I have been able to completely confide in Vicki and know she can look at all things objectively and provide constructive feedback. Vicki is exactly what I have been waiting for to help me get to the next level in my career. I am so grateful for her guidance and thought she has put into coaching me!”

Vice President

“Vicki is a true professional and has had a great impact on my life and my career. She displays one of the most positive attitudes that I have ever had the privilege to work with. With the leadership Vicki brings to the table it is truly possible to move mountains.”

Quality Manager

“You have given me some wonderful insights that have had a very positive impact on my life in such a very short time. My whole attitude and perspective is totally different today than what it was a couple months ago and all of a sudden wonderful, positive things are starting to happen. I feel energized and excited about things now. The things I have learned from my conversations with you will not only benefit me and my life, but through me it will surely have a positive impact on my family and my team.”

Business Operations Manager

“I appreciate you sharing your expertise and insights with me, and it’s obvious to me you genuinely care about people. Management activity is gauged on successfully achieving business objectives.  Although we did define and pro-actively address a variety of actionable business objectives, you also helped me acknowledge the significance of my personal accomplishments, both here and at home. This coaching event (your influence) provided me the opportunity to step back and reflect on everything I have successfully shouldered over the years.  Perhaps not the most important business related objective, but it is what made me who I am today, and it reassured me that I can and will persevere in whatever my company tasks me with.”

Engineering Manager

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