Insights Shared by our Coachees…

“I feel that through our many calls, Vicki and I developed a wonderful relationship where we engaged very constructive and in-depth discussions which not only enabled me, but motivated me to look at my interaction and approach with people from a different perspective. I took advantage of this to evaluate and assess my management/leadership style to help understand and prioritize what is truly important as a leader. I do feel that with the continued coaching discussions, I was able to maintain focus and reinforce our coaching objective…learning to be an effective leader.”

Regional Customer Support Manager

“Our executive management team was having major problems coping with our rapid growth. The problems were not because of a lack of skills,  knowledge, or experience but a rather an inability to articulate and execute a shared vision. There were many barriers particularly in the areas of communication and trust. Vicki was brought in as an individual coach for the team members. I must admit I was skeptical – very skeptical. Most of us met with Vicki once a month. Over a period of several months I really began to enjoy the sessions. I began to call our hour long sessions “business therapy”. Vicki has a way of digging deep into a problem area in a way that is thoughtful, kind, and most importantly valuable.

Things began to change for the better. The changes were dramatic but subtle. In most cases I didn’t realize my behavior had changed! However, every time I really thought about the improvement in my interactions with my co-workers it traced back to a conversation or insight from one of my meetings with Vicki. Amazing results. I’d say she was magic if I believed in such things.”

Chief Information Officer

“The coaching I received from Vicki Grove was invaluable.  I learned about myself and gained the self confidence I needed to promote my strengths, my skills, my style, and my values to future employers.  Thanks to Vicki I was offered and have taken a new position with a company, in the perfect location of the country for my wife and I to live.”

Chief Operating Officer

“Working with Vicki has truly been a life changing experience for me. Vicki has helped to open my eyes and understand how my behaviors and reactions affect perceptions around me. I have read tons of management books, been to endless seminars and educational events and have never had anything “click” in the way it has with Vicki’s guidance. She has the ability to zoom in and understand exactly what I am trying to explain in my sometimes-jumbled thought process. Vicki has helped make me a better listener, a better leader and a better coach to my own team with real practices I can put into place immediately. I have been able to completely confide in Vicki and know she can look at all things objectively and provide constructive feedback. Vicki is exactly what I have been waiting for to help me get to the next level in my career. I am so grateful for her guidance and thought she has put into coaching me!”

Vice President

“I have had a few occasions to work with Vicki and each was an incredibly positive and valuable experience. Her passion and professionalism in providing coaching and guidance have helped me grow both personally and professionally. Her experience and insight help define specific goals and a straightforward roadmap towards achieving them. I truly felt her commitment and genuine interest in my success.”

Financial Transformation Executive

“I appreciate you sharing your expertise and insights with me, and it’s obvious to me you genuinely care about people. Management activity is gauged on successfully achieving business objectives. Although we did define and pro-actively address a variety of actionable business objectives, you also helped me acknowledge the significance of my personal accomplishments, both here and at home. This coaching event (your influence) provided me the opportunity to step back and reflect on everything I have successfully shouldered over the years. Perhaps not the most important business related objective, but it is what made me who I am today, and it reassured me that I can and will persevere in whatever my company tasks me with.”

Engineering Manager

“Thank you for gift of your time; our conversation was inspiring, thought-provoking and helpful to me in so many ways.  I am excited to ponder on a deeper basis everything we discussed. I can easily see why you have had such success in your work, and I am very appreciative that you are willing to use your skills, time and energy to help me through this part of my journey.  I will definitely keep you posted on my progress!”

Sandy, personal Coachee


Perspectives Shared by our Clients…

“Vicki has worked with us for over 10 years and has built relationships, business knowledge and organizational knowledge that is highly valued. She is a collaborative partner I know I can rely on who shows the utmost professionalism and integrity. Vicki’s style quickly builds trust and engagement. She has a sincere desire to inspire and connect with others. She utilizes this to bring top quality leadership programs, training and team facilitation, instructional design and coaching. We are now leveraging her in our transformation into virtual learning. Vicki is a joy to work with.”

People Development Leader, Technology Industry

“I briefly worked with Vicki at a previous company and when I had left and found an opportunity to have someone work with me in strategizing and implementing 7 Habits for Highly Effective People, Vicki was at the top of my list. She created relationships quickly with everyone and brought a unique perspective which helped customize the 7 Habits content for MTD. I would sit in on the 7 Habits class she would facilitate and I could see the light bulbs going off in the audience as she eloquently asked thought-provoking questions. Without her guidance and knowledge, the 7 Habits program wouldn’t have had the same impact! I feel very fortunate because even though I brought her on to help with 7 Habits, I personally learned so much from her and she helped guide me through one of my biggest professional growth stages.”

Ashley Solan, Human Resource Professional
MTD Products

“There are times when an HR Department needs to reach out for external help on large projects, organizational development interventions, and talent acquisition strategies. When Dignity Health has such a need, Vicki Grove is the first person we contact.

Over the years, Vicki has partnered with us to develop innovative and industry-leading talent acquisition strategies to recruit when shortages existed in healthcare. We have also trusted Vicki to perform organizational development work with newly formed teams to increase their effectiveness and work with departments in the midst or large-scale change. In all instances, the organization emerged stronger though her guidance. Vicki’s talents have been a gift to our organization when we needed immediate results.”

Maureen Sterbach, Chief Human Resource Officer
Dignity Health

“Our Company has used Vicki to facilitate and guide us in training and leadership development programs. Vicki quickly and easily builds trust and rapport with even our most difficult, technically oriented managers who normally ‘turn off’ during programs. We like that she is not afraid to challenge individuals on their assumptions or attitudes.  She finds a way to do so while still maintaining positive relationships. Her dynamic style keeps people participating through the day.  She is requested by our employees if they know we have a choice of various facilitators.”

Ann Jenkins, Sales Leader
Formerly with ASML

“Vicki Grove at Grove Strategies has provided us with excellent service which is tailored to the needs of our division. She has succeeded in helping us create a seamless Service Delivery Model for our job training services which are specific and relevant to the particular needs of our community. Vicki’s excellence in facilitating our Strategic Planning session in a manner that allowed attendees to interact, while sharing relevant ideas and knowledge which has allowed us to begin the process of transitioning from good to Great. Thank you Vicki!”

Richmond J Vincent Jr., CFRE, MBA, Senior VP of Workforce Development
Former client with Goodwill of Central Arizona

“Vicki provided assessment and consultative solutions that helped us better understand our gaps and re-align our recruiting function. She not only provided the benchmark analysis we needed, but she created process maps and a roadmap for us to move forward effectively. Vicki is both a trusted advisor and an extension of our team.”

MaryAnn G. Miller, Chief Human Resources Officer
Avnet, Inc.

“I began working with Vicki more than 8 years ago and have become her biggest ‘fan’. Having the opportunity to see her in many roles, I know and trust her as a valuable resource. Vicki continually has my business and professional aspirations at heart. While serving on the VSHRA Board, she displayed strong leadership in the areas of communications and public relations. As a business partner, Vicki is forward thinking and visionary, able to organize both tactical and strategic initiatives. When challenges arise, I am confident Vicki will provide creative solutions that fit our organization, mission and unique set of circumstances. I consider it a privilege and pleasure to work with her. Vicki’s top qualities include creativity, added value, engaging and energetic.”

Cindy L. Wood, Former Human Resource Director

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