About Grove Strategies

We believe amazing things can happen.

Grove Strategies understands the tremendous potential that can be realized when employees are engaged, and organizations “hum.” Through 1:1 coaching, facilitation and/or change management strategies, we help bring together purpose/goals, insight/understanding, alignment and new possibilities.

To facilitate communication and inspire the potential of people.

By coaching and facilitating new paradigms of thinking, acting and being, we help people, teams and organizations connect the dots for transformational change.

Encouraging new possibilities for change and growth.

Aligning energy with purpose to reach new heights.

Uncovering unique perspectives by peeling back the surface.

How we see the world around us influences what we think and what we do.

Community Involvement

What you give comes back to you, many times ten-fold. That’s our philosophy. Being involved in the community and contributing to important causes is essential to our personal fulfillment and professional success.

Whether as a participating member, Board Director, or meeting speaker/facilitator, we support and encourage the success of our local professional human resource organizations on an on-going basis.

In addition, our community involvement included joining the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women 2012 & 2013 campaign as a member of the Executive Committee. Heart disease is the #1 killer of women, and heart health is of critical importance to understanding and controlling this disease. For more information visit Go Red’s site, and/or view the May 2012 AZ Magazine article featuring Vicki and the Go Red Executive team.

Contact us to see how we can help you connect the dots to facilitate communication and inspire change.